marr-pendersAbout the Artist

Born in Los Angeles, USA 1930 and died on Far South Coast NSW, Australia 2021, Marr Grounds had been a sculptor and lecturer in architecture.

He taught in Ghana before being appointed to the University of Sydney in 1968. He has won a number of awards, and his work is represented in the Australian National Collection, the state galleries in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and in regional galleries in Victoria.

The son of Sir Roy Grounds, the architect responsible for the National Gallery of Victoria and Hobart’s Wrest Point Marr Grounds and his daughter Marina ElyCasino, Marr Grounds has always been something of a maverick. Not for him the traditional career path.

More artist than architect, Grounds trained at the College of Environmental Design in Berkeley, California, where he hung out with Ken Kesey and Alan Ginsberg.

He preferred making found object sculptures to academic study. While his father was part of a celebrated practice with Robin Boyd and Frederick Romberg, Grounds junior admits “I could not handle meetings or consensus. Drawings, clients, councils – they gave me the shits. Those guys were as patient as missionaries, and I am not. I also felt uneasy about the elitism of architecture.”