Cairn Two

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[from MCA curator’s notes] Wool and bones from Dingo Fence shown in Sculpture Triennial and then in Perspecta, with video of the work in landscape environment (real time vs video time. Sometimes done with a performance in Cairn 3 / Cairn 4, etc

[SJ] A documentation of a performance installation. A low circular mound of wool and bones lies on the floor in front of a screen onto which are projected a series of still images from the Oxide St film. After the stills have run for several minutes a man rises from the mound where he has been covered by the wool and walks upright around to the front of the mound. He squats before a mirror, lights a candle and proceeds to cover his face, hair and upper body skin in a white greasy substance while examining the result in the mirror. When he completes the process he writes the words Cairn Two on the mirror with the white grease and the lights go out.

3/4” video, colour, sound, 10 mins, (Sydney)
Artist/director: Marr Grounds
Actor: Robin Ramsay
Video production: University of Sydney TV Service.
Music: a mix of wind sounds and music

[from MCA curator’s notes] The Cairns started on Dingo Fence (made from wool/bones) but were done in different places including Sculpture Triennial, Perspecta, Avago. Got up to about Cairn 8, some done with performances.

Cairn = pile of rocks, marker, geological

Dingo Fence runs at right angles where it meets the border, marked by Cairn.