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Marr Grounds 21.10.1930 – 25.03.2021

Born in the USA in 1930, Marr Grounds has been a sculptor and lecturer in architecture. He taught in Ghana before being appointed to the University of Sydney in 1968. He has won a number of awards, and his work is represented in the Australian National Collection, the state galleries in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and in regional galleries in Victoria.

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1986 – Curtin Springs Mount Connor – Cent Aust
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Curtin Springs 1986 “I went out there and worked for a couple of months. Nerrida Baker came out and stayed with me for a couple of weeks. We used to camp with minimal stuff and stay there until we ran … Read More

1984 – Los Angeles Airport Olympics exhibition
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Los Angeles Airport, 1984 “This was during the Los Angeles Olympics. It was an orientation thing with the centre little house and mirrors. The trough of mercury represents water. It came back and sold at Watters Gallery”    

1984 – Lead Pyramid
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Lead Pyramid 1984 Martin Place “There was a scribe attached so people could graffiti it. We encouraged graffiti rather than outdoor public art being sacred. We commissioned local poetry. There was political comment about the sacking of Whitlam and about … Read More

1983 – Paddington Studio home
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Paddington Studio, 1983 “It was an old tobacco factory. I shared it with my girlfriend Sally Corbet.”  

1982 – Austausch – Exchange – Berlin
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Austausch/Exchange, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 1982 “For the inside exhibit of the Berlin Wall, I did half the canvas, then shipped the canvas to another artist to complete. This one was completed by Steve Torpine. He was living in Berlin at … Read More

1981 – Solar Lines
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Solar Lines, Toronto, 1981 “The sandbags marked out every hour where the light from the mirror hit. The mirror at the top reflected light down to the bottom. There was a sandbag seat down there in the bunker, next to … Read More

1980 – Gentlemans Halt
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Gentleman’s Halt, Film, 1980 “Best film I ever made. It’s the history of mankind in ten minutes.”  

1980 – Baja Calif Mexico
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Baja Calif, Mexico “This is Bonita Ely, mother of my daughter. We were traveling together to Toronto. We went through remote desert. She is doing a rock piece. She collected the rocks from way down below. She is still a … Read More

1980 – Avago Gallery
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Avago Gallery, 1980 “I started this biggest little gallery in the Southern Hemishere . Emerging artists could try one man shows. We were making art fun, making fun of art.”  

1978 – Oxide Street (Dingo Fence)
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Oxide St (Dingo Fence) – I was impressed with architect Pablo Soleri. His plan view reminds me of the Dingo Fence. He also went out and built things with students. He would bulldozer up sand and sculpt it, then pour … Read More

1976 – Sculpture of the Top End 1977
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Sculptures at the Top End, 1976 “They were a condensation of my whole philosophy and approach to art, my inspiration. It was my attempt to give the essence of my work. Just making objects never really interested me. Paul Pholeros … Read More

1976 – Bunker – AGNSW 1976 Biennale
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Bunker – Second Artbit Installation, AGNSW Biennale, 1976 “We made a sandbag humpy under the stairwell of the gallery. I lived there with two dogs. I made artwork together with visitors and the visitors would take it away. It was … Read More