1978 – Oxide Street (Dingo Fence)

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Oxide St (Dingo Fence) –

I was impressed with architect Pablo Soleri. His plan view reminds me of the Dingo Fence. He also went out and built things with students. He would bulldozer up sand and sculpt it, then pour cement on top and then take the sand away. Incredibly low tech! Not like the Opera House which is incredibly high tech!

I worked with the master Frank Loyd Wright. I lasted three days. I was like a slave. Soleri had a similar thing out in the desert but much more relaxed. I wish I had worked with him. An amazingly interesting man! A marvelous direct approach!

Oxide Street”, Dingo Fence, 1978

That’s how I found the Dingo Fence. I hired a plane and was skirting around looking for inspiration. Then I saw the Dingo Fence. That was it! North, South, East, West, Man, Nature.

Dingo Fence – Man Verses Nature

Berlin Wall – Man Verses Man

The Berlin Wall and Dingo Fence, they are a comment on the superficiality of Art.

They are two enormous walls of misunderstanding.”