1965 – Environmental sculptue students at Penders

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Pender’s Student Structures 1965

”I used to bring my students here and we would make structures. We wouldn’t bring anything in except string or canvas. Everything was found on site. We would define space, a cavity. I would bring the students around quite a bit, selected students, for immersion in nature. We stayed down in the barn at Pender’s. It was a great way to get to know the students and for them to become sensitized to nature. It was an extension of what everyone does at the beach. We would just talk about it a bit more. Talk about energy systems.

It was similar to what Paul and I were doing in Art at the Top End. That was a great way to teach. Live with them. Eat with them. Create structures together. A great way to break down barriers”.

Pebbles on rock  Students canvas and string  Students canvas and rocks Rock wall and sticks  Students, canvas and stringSticks,string and pebbles