Oxide Street Junction

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[from MCA curator’s notes] The original film was made by [Jim Dale] of Sydney University TV Service. It was then edited by Grounds into a shorter less pedantic version called Dingo Fence. Clips from it were included into Austausch / Exchange.

16mm film and ¾” video, colour, sound, 40 mins,

Film makers from Department of Architecture, University of Sydney with Marr Grounds, Sydney.

Dingo Fence, ¾” video, colour, sound, 20 mins, edited by Marr Grounds. (This video is M. Grounds’ edited version of the film titled Oxide Street Junction).

[Grounds:] The Dingo Fence divides man from nature, circles to do with flora, fauna, sky, fire. Students and architects worked on this, worked with Marr for 7 days, including Imants Tillers and Alec Tzannes who worked for a whole term on this project. [They] worked with what was there. Did not bring any materials with them.

Cairn One was on Dingo Fence (wool and bones from fence) circle

Oxide Street, book, coordinating artist Marr Grounds with graphics by Paul Pholeros, Experimental Art Foundation (pub.), Adelaide, Australia, 1981.